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About Us

Global Order is a research centre for new ideas- unfazed, unapologetic, and unafraid analysis with fresh takes. Our global discourse is crowded, with information overload and undue influence clogging our digital arteries. We work on Global Affairs, Public Policy, Politics, and everything in between. 


The Team


Rishi Suri works as a journalist, a communications consultant and an educationist. He has been a Chevening Scholar at the University of Westminster and a US State Department IVLP alumnus, and is Editor at The Daily Milap, one of the world's highest-selling Urdu language newspapers.

Hindol Sengupta is a multiple award-winning author of nine books of history, politics and religion. He was trained in South Asian international relations, history and politics at Worcester College, Oxford as a Chevening Scholar, and in business and finance at Columbia Business School as a Knight-Bagehot Fellow at Columbia University. He has been Editor-at-Large for the Indian edition of the Fortune magazine and a popular columnist of its Polemicist column on politics, economics and foreign policy between 2010-2020. He has also been a journalist at CNN, CNBC and Bloomberg TV in India, and is a foreign policy columnist at Aspen Italy.  He is a World Economic Forum Young Global Leader.