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Gilgit-Baltistan: Roadmap to Representation II

Ishan Dhar from team NWO spoke exclusively to Dr. Zainab Akhtar Zingpa about her views as a member of a family divided along the LOC, regarding subset representation in India  for communities in Gilgit-Baltistan as a means to voicing aspirations on a political platform. She also speaks about aspirational continuity when it comes to ethnolinguistic communities divided along the line of control such as the Balti community and her views on such representation in the cooperative federalist structure existing in Ladakh such as the Autonomous Hill Development Councils through the procedure of Schedule VI of the Constitution of India. We also discuss the different aspirations within the UT of Ladakh and what kind of an impact could representation for GB in India have on this equation.

(Dr Zainab Akhter is from Zanskar (Kargil) and has a Doctorate degree in International Relations from JNU. She works as a researcher at the IDSA’s South Asia Centre).

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