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The song that the Iranian government hates

The young musician Shervin Hajipour is now in prison in Iran for composing this song of protest as part of the mass rebellion that the country is seeing after the killing of Mahsa Amini.

This is the current anthem of Iran. It is a protest song written by the young singer-song writer Shervin Hajipour. It is made up of tweets that have emerged during the ongoing protests against the government of Iran and its moral police. The protests erupted after a young woman, Mahsa Amini, died after being tortured by the moral police for wearing the hijab 'wrongly'. Hajipour has been arrested for composing this song.

Baraye (For the sake of)

For the sake of dancing in the street

For the fear in the moment of kissing

For my sister, your sister, our sisters

For changing the eroded brains

For the shame,

For the pennilessness

For the yearning for a normal life

For the sake of the poor child that searches in the garbage and their dreams

For this command economy

For this polluted air

For Vali-'asr and the withered trees

For Piruz and his probable extinction

For the forbidden innocent dogs

For the non-stop cryings

For the image of repetition of this moment

For a laughing face

For the students,

For the future

For this mandatory paradise

For the imprisoned intellects

For the Afghan children

For all of this 'for's that have no repetition

For all this hollow chants

For the collapse of the chaffy houses

For the feeling of peace and tranquillity

For the sun after long nights

For the mental illness' pills and insomnia

For men, fatherland, prosperity

For the sake of the girl that wished she was a boy

For women, life, freedom

For freedom

For freedom

For freedom.

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