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VIDEO: India Can Be A Great Power But It Needs To Stop Making These Mistakes

Updated: Sep 22, 2021

Bharat Karnad is a Emeritus Professor at the Centre for Policy Research and a national security expert. Karnad was a member of the first National Security Advisory Board of India’s National Security Council, where he participated in the Nuclear Doctrine Drafting Group and the external security and the technology security groups of the Strategic Review. In addition to publishing widely on national security, Karnad is frequently consulted by officials of the Government of India, including the prime minister and and minister for external affairs. Karnad also lectures widely abroad, and has been involved in Track-II dialogues with the United States, China, Taiwan, Pakistan, and Israel. In this interview with New World Order, Karnad details a range of strategic decisions he believes are errors keeping India away from being a Great Power. 

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